Thursday, January 30, 2014

Help be part of a movement!

Indonesia: Bali!

On the website called Magic Seaweed
It explains the effects Plastic debris has on their oceans. The Governor of Bali, named Mangku Pastika, told local surfers that he would ban the manufacture, distribution and use of plastic bags on Bali if one million signatures were gained.
If you are interested in this, you may sign the petition Here

Although, I personally believe that Banning plastic bags completely is a bit extreme, I do think its the beginning of a new mindset and outlook.  

What I also found interesting, is when you google "Bali Beaches" you are directed to amazing white pristine beaches, like the picture below:
It looks surreal... Like a true paradise.
But when you google: "Bali beaches plastic" the results are quite drastic in comparison. Take a look:

Here are some pictures I borrowed from the website, Magic Seaweed.

Be part of the solution!

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